Where Diverse
Tech Entrepreneurs in Minnesota Thrive.

GRAVETI: a community focused on building businesses, creating wealth and developing the Tech ecosystem for people of color in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Area.

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Get Strategies, Tactics and Tips from
real entrepreneurs building their businesses

Learn how Entrepreneurs of Color navigate the Minnesota tech scene, test their business models, and scale their companies.

No cherry-picked statistics or fluff. Come to a GRAVETI event and learn some real lessons that can apply to your business (now or in the future).

One Mission. To make Minnesota the best place for People of Color to succeed with their startups.

Minnesota has an amazing tech scene. But access to this scene for People of Color is low.

GRAVETI is changing that. Becoming a Tech Entrepreneur should be an option that is available to everyone (with or without coding experience). We host events to fuel the change, and give current and future entrepreneurs the tools, network, and motivation they need to succeed.

To us, Diversity is more than a buzzword. It's our DNA.

It can be tough when nobody in the room looks like you. Our founders, Alex and Sam, thought as much when they attended a Minnesota tech event.

So they created GRAVETI - a community where diversity isn't just a word used on a corporate website, but rather a way to appreciate the value that entrepreneurs of color bring to the table.

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